Author: KELLY
•5:43 AM
The Space You Left Behind

I cried for you, my sweet friend,
When I learned that you were gone,
The tears just kept on flowing,
For I don't know how long.

You must have known my heartache,
Though I was miles away,
But we'd touched hearts some time ago,
So I knew when you had left that day.

Best Friend, buddy, lover, cohort,
All of those, and more,
Tears we shared, and laughter, too,
Never ever were we bored.

Friends will come, and friends will go,
We say good-bye, and we move on,
But we're never quite the same again,
For a part of us has gone.

A heart is a symbol of love,
It is made in one piece and whole,
It grows fuller through the years,
With every friend we know.

But then when friends begin to leave,
And one by one, they disappear,
Leaner, thinner our hearts grow,
And cracks and crevices appear.

So now you've gone, my sweet friend,
And my heart's forever changed,
Nothing can restore it,
It will never be the same.

The space you left behind
Is wide and deep,
dearest friend,
No one else can ever fill it,
Nor will it ever mend.
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