Author: KELLY
•10:51 AM
Touch My World

By Kelly

Touch my world
with tenderness and love.
Take my hand
and walk with me though the unknown.

Where there will be no more heartbreaks
or hurts to feel for us any more.
Only you and I
within the essence of our romance.

Where there will not be tears
but happiness for our life time.

Touch my world
and sing the love songs with me.
Let my heart to follow
every heart beat of yours.

By looking into your eyes
I will always know my place.
What I feel for you is real
and no more empty dreams.

You are my reality
and I am not alone in this.

Touch my world
and take me to the stars up above.
Where I can touch the heavens
with much happiness and joys.

I want to watch the angels smile
and dance to my love song.
Let my heart to soar high with you
and within the love's gentle breeze.

I want to share my love with you
and scatter some tenderness.

Touch my world
and hold me in your arms.
Let me fall in love with you
all over, just once more.

The love we are feeling is deep
and it is all ours.
Our every new day will be filled
with love and new memories.

With your touch I will always know
I am never alone in this.
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