Author: KELLY
•1:38 AM
Home Is Where The Heart Is

~By Kelly~

It doesn't matter where you live
home is where the heart is.
May be it is built like a castle
or as fancy as a palace.
It can be a small cabin
up in mountains to breathe the air.
It can also be a small apartment
where you find all your peace.
It is always a heaven for you
where your heart and mind is.

There is no place on earth
gives you the comfort as your home.
Ever face in the house is your family
or friends who loves you so dearly.
Pictures on the walls are reminder
of someone or something you love.
All the memories in your house
gives you some joy and smile.
Welcoming you with such a love
you know in your heart you belong there.

Home is where the heart is
with all that love you feel in there.
Smelling the candle or vase full of roses
set in middle of your favorite table.
Ever small thing around belongs to you
and reminding you that you are home.
All other worries now can stay outside
once you walk through and close your door.
Time for you to relax in your safe heaven
where you call it home and all your own.

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