Author: KELLY
•3:41 AM
You Are Within Me

~By Kelly~

At this moment in eternity,
we are not together,
for you are a million miles away.
And yet, you are here with me.

When I look upward at night,
to see the moon and stars
dangling from the sky,
I'm reminded that you
look up at the same ceiling.

So often, when I need an encouraging word,
I play your voice in my mind.
It soothes me and reassures me
that everything will be ok.
In my moments of doubt and insecurity,
you are with me, and you strengthen me.

There are aspects of me that you
have changed for the better.
So when I reach out to people
with the caring you evoked within me,
it is as if we are both helping them.
You are with me in moments of kindness,
and we do good things together.

There are times when I think of you
and suddenly a warm peaceful feeling
washes over me and touches me at the core.
I don't know how to explain it,
but I know there is something
of you that lives in me.

You are within me

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